Wireless – Ottawa

Wireless connections are core to Storm’s DNA and what we do best. Our extensive fixed Wireless networks spans Ottawa and the rural regions south of the city and is an ideal solution for everything from a sprawling farm, through SMBs, and larger enterprises. This service is easily tailored to be the internet connection your business needs and to connect satellite offices or work sites through the existing network or private point-to-point links.

Following an assessment of your business’ needs, Storm will send a team to determine installation details at no charge. Storm Internet mounting gear is non-intrusive and is easily installed by our qualified technicians. We will work with you or your landlord to ensure the job is completed in a safe and professional manner.

Starter T1 3Mb 5Mb 10Mb
Monthly Cost* $95 $150 $225 $325 $425
Download Speed up to 1 Mbps up to 1.55 Mbps up to 3 Mbps up to 5 Mbps up to 10 Mbps
Upload Speed up to 1 Mbps up to 1.55 Mbps up to 3 Mbps up to 5 Mbps up to 10 Mbps
Monthly Throughput 100GB 100GB 100GB 200GB 250GB
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Custom Wireless Solutions

Storm Internet Services has nearly two decades of experience when it comes to connecting offices to the Internet and we understand that what works for one business, won’t work for another. With our versatile Wireless services, not only can your workplace be connected to the Internet, but with the right technology, we can connect one location directly to the other for improved communication. Call our Commercial Sales team today to find out about our Dedicated and Point-to-Point connections.

If you would like to schedule a Wireless site survey, please contact a Commercial Sales Representative at sales@storm.ca today!