Customer Testimonials


“In all my dealings I have consistently found Storm contact personnel to be helpful, polite and professional and congratulations on the customer orientation that obviously pervades the entire operation.”
Sam, Lanark, Ontario

“I am extremely happy that we could connect to a tower in Ottawa. For the first time in five years I have high speed Internet. Can’t thank you enough. Your installation team was awesome.”
Marcel, Ottawa, Ontario

“We are now hooked up to Storm Internet Services. The Silver Lake node and our tallest pine tree allowed clear line-of-sight so we are now fully engaged. Thank you all for your efforts to make this happen!”
Don, Silver Lake, Ontario

“We’ve been with Storm Internet Services for over three months now and couldn’t be more pleased with the service. The stress it has eliminated from our lives from not having to deal with other firms is amazing.”
Deborah, Mountain, Ontario


“Storm Internet Services provides people who are very knowledgeable and they bring solutions to our problems. They are a local firm that enabled us to substantially expand and improve our services without any increase in cost and provide concertgoers with real added value. We definitely recommend them, with no hesitation.”
Mike Rouleau, Director of Operations, RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest and Ottawa Folk Festival, Ottawa, Ontario

“I just wanted to thank-you for the extra effort that was put in to ensure that the system performed as originally intended. The on-site guys were wonderful to deal with. It has been a pleasure working with the entire Storm team. We now have a true high speed internet connection.”
Suzanne Tighe, Lead Developer, Enhansoft, Ottawa, Ontario

“Storm Internet Services linked our three locations and the service is much better than what we had before. We are very happy. The service has become extremely important to us because we likely do more business via email and the Internet than we do by phone. The service is crucial if we want to keep expanding our business.”
Michael Staebler, Business Manager, Sevita International, Inkerman, Ontario

“They did a great job. When we came in the next morning we could access the Internet from anywhere in the store, and frankly I get higher speeds at work than I do from my rural residential wireless system at home. Our monthly charge from Storm Internet Services is very competitive with a Bell or Rogers, and Storm’s service couldn’t be more helpful.”
Matthew Barnabe, Barnabe’s Independent Grocer, Perth, Ontario