Service Commitment

Our Service Commitment

Since 1996, Storm Internet Services has built a reputation of reliability and technological superiority. Our mandate embraces leading edge technologies for connecting people to the Internet, while empowering our staff, customers, and stakeholders.
The following is our Service Commitment:

Storm Internet Services will always be available to you at a fair and competitive price. Our service will be supported by a team of dedicated professionals for as long as you remain a customer of ours. Each day we will earn your business, and each day we will continue to offer you value for your service investment.

Our technicians are available every day, monitoring our infrastructure and ensuring your inquiries are responded to in a timely fashion.

Storm Internet Services has a dedicated customer service team who remain committed to ensuring you are a happy customer. Our “No Hassles” guarantee ensures you will be offered the service you deserve, or you can escalate your issues all the way to the CEO of the company!

At Storm Internet Services, we constantly deliver on our promises. Our 99.9% uptime guarantee is backed by a team of qualified support technicians using state-of-the-art technology, to ensure your connection is never lost and all inquiries are addressed. Our network is constantly being upgraded; so rest assured, you will always be connected with wireline or wireless technology.


Storm Internet Services is committed to excellence in serving all of its clients including people with disabilities. View our policy.

If at any point you feel you are not getting the service you deserve, our Senior Management Team would be more than happy to respond to your inquiries. In the event you feel your situation requires a greater detail of attention, our CEO is committed to resolving even the smallest of service issues and is available to answer your inquiries. Our CEO’s open door policy is extended to our customers, not just our staff.

At Storm Internet Services, our success is our commitment. We will earn your business.


The Storm Internet Services Team