WiFi Networks

Storm Internet Services has been working with wireless technology and networks for nearly two decades. Our largest network is over 8,000km2 and is the one we use to provide Internet connectivity to thousands of homes, businesses, and cottages. Now, we’re sharing our expertise with you!

Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Setting up a network within a building has many challenges, Storm will make sure you have the signal strength, where you need it.


Having Internet connectivity at a campground would once have been considered a luxury; now it’s a necessity. Help your offices work more effectively and give your clientèle the ability to answer e-mails from next to the camp fire. More information about Storm’s work in campgrounds.

Wireless Hotspots

From coffee shops to conference rooms, let your clients and visitors connect to the Internet, hassle free.

Indoor and Outdoor Events

Not all networks are permanent, and Storm knows this. We have experience setting up sprawling, outdoor networks that are up and down in less than a month. Whether it’s for couple hundred people for a weekend charity walk or tens of thousands for a music festival, Storm can do it.

Private and Public Access

Sometimes you’re feeling generous and want to share your Internet with the world, most of the time you want control over how much pressure is put on your connection. Storm will set up your password protected network, just how you want it. If need be, we can even set up both a public and private network in the same space.

Call 1-866-25-STORM to speak with one of our Commercial Sales Representatives to begin planning the network you need.