Storm Client Account Portal

Quickly access online tools for updating email account information and submitting online payments.

If you are looking for the information from the Helpdesk of the previous site, this portion is under construction and will be available soon. Please contact our Support department for help. We apologize for the inconvenience.

To login you will need your Storm Internet account username and password. If you do not have your account password, please contact us today.

Webmail – Check your e-mail address.

Account Payment Online – you can now make secure Storm Account Payments online. Just click on the link and you will be taken to a secure SSL “https:” page where you can process your Storm account payment directly to our billing team.

Usage Info – This area will let you see how much throughput you have used in the current month, as well as for previous months.

Usage Charge – A breakdown of common online activities and how much data they use.

Speed Test – Check your connection speeds

Change Your Password – Concerned about how secure your password is? This area will allow you to change it. (HINT – When changing passwords, do NOT use words that are easily guessed, like the names of family members and pets. Using a combination of numbers and letters is the best form of password security)

Start/Stop Forwarding E-mail – If you want to forward your e-mail to another account – WARNING – Do not forward your e-mail to your own account.

Start/Stop Vacation E-mail – Heading out of town? When this option is activated, people sending you an e-mail will get an automatic reply that you are away and unable to respond.

Manage Email Aliases – For domains hosted by Storm – In this section you can add/edit/delete email aliases for your account. (For example you may want to have and point to your account)

Control SPAM on Your Email Account - You can control and manage the spam on your email account by using this Storm Mailguard service. See what thousands of Storm Clients are using to control their unwanted emails. Save time in your day!

To find out more on how to use our client services, check the Client Services area of our Help Desk section.