Wireless Networks

Wireless networks are all about empowering today’s businesses with the decision tools and automation technologies that seamlessly integrate products, services and knowledge. Storm works with business to create individually designed, customized networks with room for growth.

Whether yours is a small family-run operation or a large corporate business Storm can work with you to make your business technology enabled. We work with farms, marinas, campgrounds, industrial parks, large outdoor events and more!

How We Deliver

Wireless networks are accomplished with unified point-to-point, point-to-multi-point connectivity across multiple locations within large areas. Using hardwired and Wi-Fi connections Storm can link a host of devices that create a continuous, highly functional farm management system. Technology such as managed networking, robotics and cameras, and automated systems like temperature control, property connectivity, result in resource-efficient business, increased productivity and sustainable processes.

Rural & Urban Wireless

Covering North Eastern Ontario

Our extensive fixed Wireless networks spans Ottawa and the rural regions south of the city and is an ideal solution for everything from a sprawling farm, campground, marina, small-to-medium businesses, and larger enterprises.